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Passport Application


Click the PDF form below for a downloadable form that you may fill and deliver to nearest passport agency.

This form is used by persons applying for an Electronic Passport and/or a Certificate of Identity.
Nothing is to be stapled to the front or back cover of the NEW E-PASSPORT.


What is an Electronic Passport?
An Electronic Passport is the same as a traditional passport with the addition of a small integrated circuit (or Chip) embedded in the back cover. The chip will store the same data visually displayed on the data page of the passport, a biometric identifier in the form of a digital image of the passport photograph, which will facilate the use of face recognition technology at ports-of-entry, the unique chip identification number and a digital signature to protect the stored data from alteration.

What is a Biometric? Which one does the new passport use?
A biometric or biometric identifier is a measurable physical or behavioural characteristic of an individual, which can be used to verify the identity of that individual or to compare against other entries when stored in a database. Biometrics includes face recognition, fingerprints and iris scans. The Bahamas Electronic Passport will use the digital image of the passport photograph as the biometric identifier that will be used with face recognition technology and finger printing, to verify the identity of the passport bearer.

What are the special features of an Electronic Passport?
The special features of an Electronic Passport include: [
  • ]Securely stored biographical information and digital image that are identical to the information that is visually displayed in the passport; and [
  • ]Contact-less chip technology that allows the information stored in an Electronic Passport to be read by special chip readers at a close distance. [
  • ]Uses of digital signature technology to verify theauthenticity of the data stored on the chip. This technology is commonly used in credit cards and other secure documents using integrated circuits or chips.

    How does an Electronic Passport facilitate travel?
    Automated identity verification; faster immigration inspections and greater border protections and security. The Electronic passport is designed to function for the passport's full validity period under normal use.

    Why is an Electronic Passport being issued?
    The Bahamas has introduced the Electronic Passport to conform to the standards of the ICAO and also to reduce the incidences of fraud.

    What countries will be issuing Electronic Passports?
    Governments of other nations have begun or will begin to issue passports that have a biometric as soon as they are able to integrate the technology into their countries passports.

    What happens if an Electronic Passport is lost or stolen?
    Any passport that is lost or stolen should be reported to the police immediately.

    What does an Electronic Passport logo look like and what does it mean?
    The Electronic Passport logo is the international symbol for an electronic passport. It signifies that the passport contains an integrated circuit or chip on which data about the passport and passport bearer is stored. The logo will be displayed at border inspection lanes at all airports and transit ports equipped with special data readers for Electronic Passports.

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