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Exemptions for Historical Buildings

Application for Tax Concessions as it relates to:

  1. Real Property Tax Exemption;and
  2. Duty Free Exemption

National Accounts Report 2005

The Department of Statistics is pleased to announce the release of its publication which introduces Gross Domestic Product of The Bahamas via the production and the expenditure approaches, in current and constant prices. This presentation increases the analytical usefulness and statistical reliability of the national accounts. The information contained in this report is one of the most sensitive leading indicators of economic conditions in The Bahamas. Users of this information will find it a meaningful addition to the usual body of information for planning and decision-making.

For further reading of the press release along with associated tables for national accounts, please use the below links to download the information.

For further information or assistance please email us at the Department of Statistics.

National Accounts Statistics on Central Bank of The Bahamas website



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