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Application to Participate in Self-Start Programme

The Government of the Bahamas believes in investing in young people and improving the quality of life through the combined efforts of hard work and dedication, a solid vision, and a helping hand.

The Self-Starter Programme is a government funded grant-based programme to empower young Bahamian citizens, 18 to 30 years, seeking to establish or expand small businesses. It will provide aspiring entrepreneurs with a valid small business idea, self-employed and unemployed, with funding from BS$1000 to BS$5000 to acquire tools and supplies for their businesses. Funds will be paid directly to the supplier.

The programme is managed by the Department of Youth, with an independent selection committee responsible for the selection process.

Government Employment Application Form

Applicants seeking employment in Government Ministries/Departments

Government of The Bahamas - Security Questionnaire

This form is to be used for ensuring that persons being considered for appointments or transfers into government departments are not security risk to personnel or sensitive data. Sensitive Ministries are those listed in the Department of Public Service website.

National 1 Year Job Initiative Programme

Sorry! Deadline for Submission has past.

Notification of Vacancy

To be used when applying for foreign workers

Pension Life and Payment Vertification

Verification that a pensioner is living is required January and July of each year.

The form should be completed and signed by Head of Department, Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, Commissioner for Oaths, Minister of Religion, Medical PRactioner, Postmaster, Police Officer of or above the rank of Sergeant, or Bank Official.

Summer Employment Programme Application

This form is to be used by the summer employment programme for its application process.

Teachers Employment Application Form

Teachers seeking employment in the Ministry of Education

Unpaid Study Leave

All Public officers are eligible to receive unpaid leave. Unpaid leave is time off from work which is provided without pay. When an officer takes or is given unpaid leave, their position is still retained as well as other benefits however the officer receives no salary.

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