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Applying for A Cemetery Plot

When a family member dies and the family does not have a family plot, the bereaved can apply to the Ministry of Public Works for a Cemetery Plot in order to bury the deceased.

Cemetery Plot Application

Any and all cemeteries throughtout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas that are not privately owned or operated by churches or lodges. e.g Western, Eastern, Southern, Old Trail Cemeteries, etc.

Death Certificate - Certified Copy

Issuance of Certified copy of a Death Certificate

Ex-Gratia Award on Death of Pensioner

Application for payment of Ex-Gratia award on death of pensioner

Pensioner Death Compensation (Ex gratia) Award

Compensation paid by government voluntarily (ex gratia) on death of a pensioner.

NOTE: The ex gratia award is not a benefit as of right" and the Ministry of Public Service reserves the right to reject this application.

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