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Building Permit Application

This is the form which you use to apply for your Building Permit. Building operations are prohibited except under building permit.

Building Regulations

Building Permit Fees

These are the fees which you pay to the Government for the processing of a Building Permit. These fees also cover the cost of Inspections and the processing of the Occupany Certificate. Currently there are no other fees required. The fees are calculated on a graduated scale, based on square feet(for Buildings) or linear feet (for walls,etc). To review the table click here

Electrical Specification Form

This is a legal form which required by the Ministry of Works & Utilities before the Electrical Inspections can begin. It must be sign by a licenced Electrical Contractor. It is also known as an "Electrical Permit".

Occupany Certicate

This is the legal document which the Ministry of Works & Utilities issues after your building project is substantially complete. Basically it means that Buildings Control Division is satisfied that the building is safe fit for human habitation; based on the requirements of the Bahamas Building Code.

Occupancy Certificat Regulations

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