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Commercial Recreational Watercraft Inspection Form

Application for the inspection of a Commercial Recreational Watercraft

Commercial Recreational Watercraft Licence Form I

Every person desirous of operating a craft for hire shall apply to the Authority and shall furnish all relevant particulars and make any relevant declarations specified in Form I of the Third Schedule to these Regulations.

The application shall be accompanied with all relevant attachments.

Mailboat Contract Agreement Form

This is a 'Contract Agreement' executed between the Government of The Bahamas and the Mailboat Operator.

Inter-Insular Shipping Act

Mailboat Freight List

This is a list of prices for items transported on all Govervnment subsidized mailboats plying between Nassau, New Providence and the other Islands of the Bahamas.

Inter-Insular Shipping Act..

Master 's Licence Examination Application Form

Applying to take the Master licence Examination as required under the Boat Regisration Act 1961 in order to become a boat captain

Master's Licence Assesssment & Certification

Master Licence Assessment Practical Examination and Certification of Seafarers

Master's Licence Examination Form

Applying for a Master's licence as required under the Boat Regisration Act 1961 in order to become a boat captain.

Person must pass the Master's Licence Examination (theory) and complete the Master's Licence Assessment and Certification (practical)

Oil Spill Reporting Form

This form is for reporting all oil spills in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

See further Merchant Shipping (Oil Pollution) Act

Oil Spill Response and Planning Contacts

This list is to be used to contact First Responders in the event of an oil spill in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

Oil Spills 2002 (Reported)

These are the listings of reported marine oil spill incidents during the year of 2002.

Oil Spills 2003 (Reported)

These are the listings of oil spill incidents that occurred during the year 2003.

Shipwreck Sites Salvage Application

This application is to be used to obtain a permit to carryout salvage exploration in waters of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

Abandon Shipwreck Act

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