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Birth Certificate - Certified Copy

Issuance of Certified copy of a Birth Certificate

Birth Registration

The law requires that every birth is to be registered within twenty-one days from its occurrence.

You have up to the age of three (3)to register a birth, however after the age of one (1) an affidavit is required stating the reason for not registering the child sooner.

Registration of a birth by a person other than a parent must bring an authorization form. (See attached)

Birth Registration - Affidavit for Father

All illegitimate children are given the motherís last name. The fatherís surname may be added to the certificate of an illegitimate child as long as a joint affidavit by both father and mother is sworn requesting that the name of the childís father be recorded in the Register of Births. The affidavit must be presented at the time of the registration

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