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Spatial Data Services - Reporting Error


As the Government’s technical focal point for GIS in The Bahamas, it is the remit of the BNGIS Centre to develop a comprehensive framework that provides for improvements in coordination and use of geospatial data. Geospatial data refers to data/information about places or geography. As such, The Bahamas Spatial Data Infrastructure (BSDI) System and Program has been developed as a national strategy for the effective and economical use and management of geospatial assets in the digital environment for the benefit of all government agencies and the general public. The hub of The BSDI ‘System’ is a centralized LIBRARY database containing The Government’s best available, most accurate, and reliable non-confidential information. Information in the Library is freely shared through-out government. In the event users of the spatial data and imagery stored in the BSDI Library, detect errors in published information, said errors should be immediately reported to the Centre for further action.


All Government agencies and authorized parties with access to The Bahamas Spatial Data Infrastructure (BSDI) Library.


Completed BNGISC Spatial Data Error Detection Form.


1.BSDI Library User obtains Reporting Spatial Data Error Detection Form.
2.BSDI Library User completes and returns Form to the BNGIS Centre.
3.The BNGIS Centre reviews and confirm reported error detection.
4.If reported error is validated, the BNGIS Centre issues a standard error detection notice to the responsible data custodian for corrective action
5.Data Custodian issues corrected spatial Data for publishing in the BSDI Library.
6.All agencies are notified of corrected spatial data and availability in the BSDI Library






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