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GIS Training


As the Government's technical focal point for GIS is in The Bahamas, it is the remit of The Bahamas National Geographic Information Systems (BNGIS) Centre to develop a training program for government agencies. As such, training in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is offered.


Government agencies, public and private schools attached to the BNGIS GI Education initiative. A minimum of 8 persons and maximum of ten persons are required for approved training sessions that are conducted by The Centre. Selected participants must be computer literate, must be assigned by requesting agency to apply GIS expertises in the organization’s work flow processes and must have access to GIS software and computer system in their office. Two seats of any training that is not conducted by the Centre must be reserved for the BNGIS Centre Technical staff, should the training be of use to the Centre.



1.The requesting Agency/Department Head should submit a formal request addressed to the Director, BNGIS Centre on the relevant form.
2.Request is reviewed and based on assessment criteria, the request may be approved /refused.
3.The requesting agency’s Department Head will be contacted with a response from the BNGIS Centre within two/three working days.
4.Requesting agency which is granted approval is required to provide drinks/lunch for instructor(s), BNGIS Staff and students.
5.Students who complete the entire course without absenteeism will receive Certificates of Completion






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