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Registering a Foreign Charter


It is a requirement of The Government of The Bahamas that all foreign charters secure a licence in order to utilise Bahamian waters. Most foreign charter applications to The Bahamas are from yachts seeking to explore our beautiful seas. To accommodate these ‘sun seekers’ the Port Department has simplified the chartering process as detailed below.


Non-Bahamian yacht owners.


  • A valid insurance certificate
  • Boat documentation

  • The Master of the boat must also supply

  • Certificates of qualification (Common examples are the Coast Guard certifications)
  • A valid passport

  • Instructions:

    1.To register for a Foreign Charter Licence, the applicant must fill out and submit an application form to the Port Department Office on New Providence or any of the other Port Department offices listed below.
    2.The applicant must provide all supporting documents and pay the appropriate boat registration and inspection fees at the time that the application is submitted.
    3.The boat MUST then be inspected by a Port Department Inspector.
    4.Once approval is granted by the Inspector, the Foreign Charter Licence is issued.


    Foreign Charter Registration Fees

    Application for an Annual or Temporary Permit $50

    Annual Permits for:

  • Boats Under 36 Feet in Length $625
  • Boats 36 Feet or Over and Under 51 in Length $875
  • Boats 51 Feet or Over and Under 66 in Length $1,250
  • Boats 66 Feet or Over and Under 101 in Length $1,815
  • Boats 101 Feet or Over and Under 151 in Length $1,815
  • Boats 151 Feet in Length or Over $3,750
  • Temporary Permit $437

    Inspection Fees

  • Boats under 15 feet in length $20.00
  • Boats 15 feet or over and under 25 feet in length $30.00
  • Boats 25 feet or over and under 50 in length $30.00
  • Boats 50 feet or over and under 100 feet in length $60.00
  • Boats 100 feet or over in length $80.00

  • Form:




    P. O. Box N 8175

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