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Paid Study Leave / In-Service Training Award


In-Service Training awards are generally granted for studies at the Bachelor & Masters degree level or at the Diplomat and Certificate levels, where applicable for professional qualification. In-Service Training awards for Bachelor’s Degree will be awarded to persons only if they have completed an Associate Degree or the equivalent number of credits towards a degree at their own expense. In instances where persons may have embarked upon study leave without the requisite approval, Permanent Secretaries or Heads of Departments will be required to approve an explanation in writing of the circumstances and justify why the approved leave should not be discontinued. Before approval is sought to grant an officer and In-Service Training Award to pursue studies abroad, efforts should be made to ascertain whether courses are offered at the College of the Bahamas or the University of the West Indies. Special consideration may still be given to officers who do not meet the requirements, wishing to pursue an associate or doctoral degree, or where there is an urgent demand for qualified personnel in a particular area of study.


  • A public officer who has completed three years of service and was confirmed in their appointment is entitledare eligible for to paid study leave/In-service awards.
  • Police Officers must have a current contract which covers the period of study so that upon completion the Officer is able to serve their bond.

  • Attachments:

    Supporting Documents:
  • Letter of Request
  • Letter of Acceptance from an Accredited Institution
  • Cost of Tuition (documents should include the institution’s name and logo)
  • Airline Quotation (where applicable)
  • Cost of Books (where applicable)
  • Recommendation from the Agency
  • Financial Clearance from the Agency
  • Performance Appraisals (three consecutive years) with above average ratings
  • Deadline Date: April 1st - for August enrolment August 1st - for January enrolment


    1.1. The Officer must fill out an Application for Study leave form; this is usually collected from the Hhuman Rresource section. Be sure to specify the type of In-Service Award being applied for.
    2.The officer must submit a letter of request and supporting documents (if necessary) aalong with the application form to the immediate supervisor for approval and signature.
    3.The Approved application, the letter of request and supporting documents are then forwarded to the Permanent Secretary of the Department of Public Service. The Agency must secure the approval of the PS/Head of Department and the Minister before submitting the application to the In-Service Selection board.
    4.The In-Service selection board will make a recommendation and submits this to the Minister responsible for the Public Service for consideration.
    5.The Minister responsible for the Public Service will then prepare a recommendation for the Public Service Commission for final consideration.
    6.The Public Service Commission makes a determination regarding the In-Service Training award and returns this to the Department of Public Service.
    7.Department of Public Service will advise the Agency and the officer in writing.
    8.In the event that the award is granted the officer is contacted to facilitate the signing of the bond documents before commencing their leave. Note: The In-Service Training Award may be denied at any stage of the process. Additionally, funds will not be released until the bond documents are signed and returned to the Department of Public Service.


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