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Form Title:

Application to Purchase a Residential Govt. Lot


The mandate of the minister responsible for housing is the encouragement of home ownership by person of low to moderate incomes. To this end the Department of Housing sells government lots to qualifying persons to facilitate the need for affordable land purchases.


Bahamian citizens and residents who are 18 years of age or older.


  • Proof of Bahamian Status (Passport / Certificate of Identity)
  • Current National Insurance Card
  • Recent Pay Slip
  • Current Job Letter

  • Instructions:

    1.The applicant must fill out the Application for Land Form. Family Island residents may collect an application from the Local Administrator’s Office. Grand Bahama and Abaco residents may collect applications from the Department of Housing Office on the islands. Offices locations are listed below. Alternatively, a form may be downloaded from this site using the link below.
    2.Applicants in New Providence, Grand Bahama, and Abaco must complete Application for Land form in person and submit to relevant office, along with all supporting documents.
    3.Applicants on all other family Islands must submit their applications through the Family Island Administrator Office for further forward to New Providence to be processed.
    4.The Ministry of Housing will review the application and will also send an acknowledgement letter to the applicant.
    5.Due to the high demand for housing in The Bahamas, land is often oversubscribed; there are more applications than there are lots of land. In this case, a letter will be issued to applicant to this effect.
    6.If the applicant meets the requirement and a lot becomes available, the Department of Housing will contact the applicant by phone to inform of the availability. A letter of offer is also issued to the applicant.
    7.The letter of offer states the location, cost of the property, deposit required and payment deadline.
    8.If the applicant does not pay by the required deadline the Department of Housing will issue a rescind letter and offer the property to another applicant on the list.


    There are no fees associated with this service





    P. O. Box N-4849


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