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Form Title:

Registering a Youth Organisation


The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture maintains relationship with over 300 registered youth organizations. This relationship helps to concretize the alliance with youth leaders, as well as assist in the coordinated growth and development of youth organizations.

Specific activities of the unit include:

  1. The ongoing maintenance of an active database on youth organizations;
  2. Consultative services to facilitate the requests of youth organizations and ensure quality of service in New Providence and Family Islands;
  3. Co-ordination of youth involvement in national events;
  4. Promote the involvement and expansion of youth organizations across the Bahamas.

Registered Youth Organizations Benefit From:

  • Technical assistance
  • Financial assistance
  • Youth Leaders training and certification
  • Administrative support
  • Mentoring
  • Quarterly youth leader for a
  • Referral services
  • International networking
  • Meeting with your organization to help form/structure
  • Attending a meeting here and there to understand what to do and how we can help
  • Assist in searching for International grants and opportunities
  • Expand your organization to the Islands/Utilize what is working here/identify and train elsewhere

  • Prerequisite:

    Youth Group Members must be between the ages of 18 to 25.


  • A letter addressed to the Director of Youth requesting registration of the organisation
  • A profile of the organisation

  • Instructions:

    1.For organisations in New providence, application forms may be collected at The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture Head office at the address given below. Youth Organisations from the Family islands may collect form the Administrator’s Office on the island. Alternatively, you may use the link below to download the application form.
    2.New Providence organisation must fill out and submit the application form to the Ministry Head Office in New Providence. Organisations in Grand Bahama are asked to return the forms to the Office of the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture, Freeport. Youth Organisations from the Family islands may submit completed forms to the Family Island Administrator Office on the island.
    3.The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture will phone Nassau applicant acknowledging receipt of the application.
    4.The Department of Youth will review the application to ensure that mandate of the ministry is being supported by the youth organisation’s objective.
    5.The Department will contact successful Youth organisation in writing to inform them that they’ve been registered with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture.


    There are no associated fees.




    P. O. Box N-3913

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