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Form Title:

Operate an Inquiry Agent/Security Guard Company


All persons engaged in the business of providing inquiry agents or security guards services must obtain a licence. This includes the following types of companies: Investigation, Collection and Armoured Services


Applicant Must be a Bahamian Citizen
Must pay the required fee
Must be 18 years and older


The following documents are required when applying for the service:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Four passport sized photographs
  • Birth Certificate or Bahamian Passport
  • Current Original Police Record (not more than six months old)
  • Design of badge (in case of Security Guards only):
         (a) The minimum size of 2”x2”
         (b) Distinctive Colour
         (c) Legend indicating wearer is a Security Guard
  • Design and colour of uniform (in case of persons providing Security Guards)
  • Copy of incorporation or certificate of Business Registration

  • Instructions:

    1.Complete the form “Application to Engage in the Business of Providing Inquiry Agents and/or Security Guards.
    2.Submit the completed application form, supporting documents and fee to the:

    Permanent Secretary
    Ministry of National Security
    P. O. Box N-3217
    Nassau, New Providence
    The Bahamas

    Attention: Private Sector Security Services Unit

    or by Hand to:

    Permanent Secretary
    Ministry of National Security
    3rd Floor, Churchill Building
    Rawson Square
    Nassau, N. P.
    The Bahamas
    3.Applicant may be vetted regarding character, financial position and compliance before the licence is granted.
    4.Applicant will be contacted by telephone or e-mail to collect licence within ten business days of receipt of application.


    Temporary Licence Fee - BS$125.00 (every three months)
    Annual Licence Fee - BS$500.00

  • All payment by cheque must be certified and made payable to the Public Treasury or The Ministry of National Security.
  • Other forms of acceptable payment are Cash or Money Order.
  • Cash payment should be made to the Public Treasury, and receipt submitted to the Ministry of National Security.
  • Fees are to accompany Application Form with relevant documents.

  • Form:



    Churchill Building 3rd Floor

    P. O. Box N3217

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