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Renewal of Licence To Operate a Theatre or Cinema


All licences granted for the use of premises for the public performance of plays and showing of films remain in force for one year or such shorter period as specified in the licence. The Bahamas Plays and Films Control Board may from time to time renew a licence issued.


Must be a holder of a licence.
Approval must be obtained from The Bahamas Plays and Films Control Board.


The following documents are required when applying for this service:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Fees
  • Minimum of five copies of the script of the play

  • Instructions:

    1.The Board should be given a minimum of 28 days notice of intention to renew the application.
    2.Complete the form “Application for Occasional Theatre/Cinemas Licence”.
    3.If the application is for a play, 14 days from the date of the performance of the play, at least five copies of the script must be submitted to the Board.
    4.Submit the completed application form together with the fee to:

    Permanent Secretary
    Ministry of National Security
    P. O. Box N-3217
    Nassau, N. P.
    The Bahamas

    Attention: The Bahamas Plays and Films Control Board

    or By hand:

    Permanent Secretary
    Ministry of National Security
    3rd Floor, Churchill Building
    Rawson Square
    Nassau, N. P.
    The Bahamas
    5.The applicant will be advised of the decision in writing one to two days after the meeting of the Board.


    Theatre/Cinema Licence Fee Structure:

    1 up to 99 persons - BS $50.00
    100 - 199 persons - BS $200.00
    200 - 299 persons - BS $400.00
    300 - 399 persons - BS $600.00
    400 - 499 persons - BS $800.00
    500 persons or more including open air Cinemas - BS$1,000.00

    One or more public performances/exhibition not exceeding three, and are not of an educational character, charitable or other like purposes. - BS$20.00

  • All payment by cheque must be certified and made payable to the Public Treasury or the Ministry of National Security.
  • Other forms of acceptable payment are Cash or Money Order. Cash payment should be made to the Public Treasury and receipt submitted to the Ministry along with the application form.

  • Form:



    Churchill Building 3rd Floor

    P. O. Box N3217

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