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Self Drive Franchise Application


To obtain a Self Drive Franchise an applicant must submit a completed Self Drive Franchise Application Form to the Franchise Unit of the Road Traffic Department and await approval by the Road Traffic Authority Board. Once the Board has met, notification of approval will be given to the applicant through the local media (i.e. newspaper, radio).


Valid Public Service Drivers Licence Valid Certificate of Insurance Payment of Franchise Receipt Valid Business Licence 'KEEP LEFT' sign on windshield Franchise Grant Letter.
Payment of Franchise Receipt Valid Business Licence 'KEEP LEFT' sign on windshield Franchise Grant Letter.



1.Applicant having been granted a Self Drive plate must take the relevant documentation to the Road Traffic Department Inspection Centre to have their Public Service vehicle inspected Inspector will verify all relevant information and inspect the vehicle
2.Upon being satisfied with the fitness of the vehicle the inspector will issue an Inspection Information Form (only for new vehicles) and an Inspection Pass Certificate
3.Applicant must take the required documents along with the Inspection Pass Certificate to the Road Traffic Department Franchise Unit (Clarence Bain Building) for registration of the vehicle Registration Clerk will verify that the relevant vehicle and franchise information provided meets the requirements of the Department. If satisfactory, Clerk will register the vehicle
4.Registration Clerk will calculate fees and issue vehicle Information Disc for payment Applicant must take vehicle Information Disc and Pass Inspection Certificate to cashier for validation
5.Cashier will inform the applicant of the required fees needed to have vehicle Information Disc and Inspection Certificate validated Upon the applicant paying the required fees, the cashier will issue the valid Vehicle Information Disc and Inspection Permit.


$300.00 for first ten cars and $50.00 for each additional ten cars






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