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Applying for A Cemetery Plot

When a family member dies and the family does not have a family plot, the bereaved can apply to the Ministry of Public Works for a Cemetery Plot in order to bury the deceased.

Applying for permit to excavate in the highway

An excavation Permit is required for work to be done in highways. All applicants and sent to the Chief Civil Engineer, Ministry of Public Works.

Building / Required Inspections

These are carried out at mandatory stages during the erection of a building under an approved building permit, and are required before the issuance of an occupancy certificate. For more information click here

Building Permit Application

This is the form which you use to apply for your Building Permit. Building operations are prohibited except under building permit.

Building Regulations

Building Permit Fees

These are the fees which you pay to the Government for the processing of a Building Permit. These fees also cover the cost of Inspections and the processing of the Occupany Certificate. Currently there are no other fees required. The fees are calculated on a graduated scale, based on square feet(for Buildings) or linear feet (for walls,etc). To review the table click here

Building Regulation Act

This is "An Act to regulate the construction, alteration and repair of buildings, to provide for the re-instatement or removal of dangerous or dilapidated buildings, to authorise the publication of a building code and for purpose connected therewith" (Excerpt from The Buildings Regulation Act). This is the primary piece of legislation which regulates building construction in the Bahamas.

Cemetery Plot Application

Any and all cemeteries throughtout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas that are not privately owned or operated by churches or lodges. e.g Western, Eastern, Southern, Old Trail Cemeteries, etc.

Client Agencies Maintenance Request

The Ministry of Public works and Transport is responsible for attending to the maintenance needs of its Client Agencies. Client Agencies may submit requests online or via fax to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

Electrical Specification Form

This is a legal form which required by the Ministry of Works & Utilities before the Electrical Inspections can begin. It must be sign by a licenced Electrical Contractor. It is also known as an "Electrical Permit".

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Licence Application Form

An Appliance Dealer Licence allows an individual or company to sell LPG gas operated appliances. Persons interested in becoming an Appliance Dealer must apply to the Control Division of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport for an Appliance Dealer Licence.

Occupany Certicate

This is the legal document which the Ministry of Works & Utilities issues after your building project is substantially complete. Basically it means that Buildings Control Division is satisfied that the building is safe fit for human habitation; based on the requirements of the Bahamas Building Code.

Occupancy Certificat Regulations

Public Space Application

Public Spaces e.g street sides, beaches, public parks, etc. Any space that is not privately owned. Fees, depending upon the function, may be charged for the use of public space.

Note: A Vendor's Permit is required for the use of Public Space.

Special Vehicle Application Form

Miscellaneous vehicles include vehicles with any hydraulic operating parts or hydraulic lifts. An M plate is issued to miscellaneous vehicles. Before an M- plate can be on the road the owner of the vehicle must obtain a letter from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport that reads “Permit to operate Special Vehicles on Public Roads”. This letter must accompany the other documents when registering a miscellaneous vehicle with the Department of Road Traffics.

Vehicle - Heavy Equipment

Central Services Division deals with the processing and licensing of miscellaneous vehicles before going to the Road Traffic Department.


A Vendor applying for the use of public space is charged a norminal fee based on the application. Such sporting events as Regattas, Beerfests, etc. are charged on a graduated scale starting from $50.00 with an upper limit of $1,000.00. Medical, Educational and Fire relief activities are free.

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