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Dog License Application

Dogs that roam from home risk being impounded and running up a high bill for their stay. If a dog is found to be a nuisance and is picked up by the police or the Animal Control Unit, owners can face a fine of $100.00 or imprisonment for twenty days.

Funds collected by Treasury Department on behalf of the department of Agriculture.

Life and Payment Cerificate Judicial

Form used claim pension by retired Judge or Widow/Widower if cheque is cut. Form is also used for vertification of life if payments are sent direct to bank accounts.

Parliamentary Pension Act 1995

Benefit Payments of Gratuity, Pension, Pension/Gratuity, Widows' Allowance, Childrens' Allowance, Refund of Contribution.

Pension Fund - Widows and Orphans

Preparation of certificate reflecting benefits due. Receipt of audited certificate treasury voucher is prepared and cheque is produced for outstanding pension. Pension is added to monthly paysheet to receive monthly payments.

Pension Life and Payment Vertification

Verification that a pensioner is living is required January and July of each year.

The form should be completed and signed by Head of Department, Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, Commissioner for Oaths, Minister of Religion, Medical PRactioner, Postmaster, Police Officer of or above the rank of Sergeant, or Bank Official.

Pensioner Death Compensation (Ex gratia) Award

Compensation paid by government voluntarily (ex gratia) on death of a pensioner.

NOTE: The ex gratia award is not a benefit as of right" and the Ministry of Public Service reserves the right to reject this application.

World War I Veterans and Widows

Form used to claim pension by War Veterans. Form is also used for verification of life if payments are sent direct to bank accounts. Only widows are in receipt of pension now.

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