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Declaration for First Deposit at Savings Bank

This is the Declaration for the first deposit of a Savings Bank Account.

Depositor`s Book Application

This application is used to supply the relevent information needed for opening of savigs acccount. This form can be printed, completed and presented to the savings bank section along with your deposit.

Domestic Money Order

A Domestic Money Order allows the applicant to send money to various parts of the Family Islands. Persons who would be interested in this type of service include:

  • Businesses, Citizens and Residents who wish to make bill payments.
  • Parents of school children.
  • Government Agencies who wish to make payments in the Family Islands.

  • Money Order Application

    Used to pay bills in American or Canadian currancy

    Opening a Savings Account - Personal Info Form

    All citizens and businesses can open a savings account at the Bahamas Post Offices. The Savings bank at the Post Office is a thrift bank as opposed to a commercial bank.

    Philatelic Bureau Standing Order Account

    This form is designed for Stamp collectors who are interested in becoming members of The Bahamas Philatelic Bureau. Complete the necessary fields and submit to the Philatelic Bureau Section.

    Private Post Box Rental Application

    Citizens, Residents and Businesses can rent a post box at all Post Offices in New Providence and a few of the Family Island Sub Offices.

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