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Inter-Insular Shipping Act

These are the Laws that govern mailboat activity within the Commonwealth of the Bahamas

For more laws pertaining to inter-insular shipping visit Bahamas Laws Online

Local Government Act (1996)

An Act to make provision for local government in the Commonwealth in The Bahamas. (Date of Assent - 5th March 1996).

See also Local Government Procedure Manual

Local Government Procedure Manual

A guide as well as a source of reference and information on local government in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

See also Local Government Act (1996)

Mailboat Contract Agreement Form

This is a 'Contract Agreement' executed between the Government of The Bahamas and the Mailboat Operator.

Inter-Insular Shipping Act

Mailboat Freight List

This is a list of prices for items transported on all Govervnment subsidized mailboats plying between Nassau, New Providence and the other Islands of the Bahamas.

Inter-Insular Shipping Act..

Mailboat Schedule

This is a listing af the names of the Mailboats and the Island/s they serve with their scheduled time of departure from Nassau.

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